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Micro Center – How to change the Screen Orientation in Windows 8.

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How to flip or rotate a computer monitor display

Turn Auto-rotate on or off using the Screen Resolution option · Right click anywhere on the desktop. · In the menu that pops up click on “Screen Resolution.”. You can rotate your Windows 10 PC screen with keyboard shortcuts. To rotate your screen, hit the Ctrl + Alt + right/left arrow keys at the same. How to rotate screen using Settings · Open Settings. · Click on System. · Click on Display. · Under the “Rearrange your displays” section, select.


Change screen orientation – Microsoft Community.How to rotate screen on Windows 10 | Windows Central


Before you proceed with the landscape or portrait monitor setup process in Windows, position the monitor in the orientation you plan to use. This makes it easier to determine whether you’ve chosen the right settings and to adjust configurations such as the screen resolution to suit your needs. You also must have your monitor connected, turned on, and set up in Windows so that it appears in the display devices list.

When you’re ready, Microsoft recommends Windows 10 users open the “Settings” app, look for the “System” option, and then select “Display” to bring up the scale and layout options. You can also type “display settings” in the Windows search box and click the corresponding option if you’d rather save some time.

Look for a “Display orientation” drop-down menu in the “Scale and layout” settings group and select either portrait or landscape monitor mode. There are many reasons to rotate a computer screen, including providing for an easy programming or coding setup.

Basically, whenever you need to see a vertical image, a screen rotation could be handy. Written By: Lawrence Bonk. If you are having trouble changing the orientation, you may need to download new video drivers.

Related Posts: What are Vesa Monitors? Important: This option may only work with some graphics cards. If it’s not working for you, then use the Settings app option. Whether you use a graphics card from Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD, each vendor offers a control panel software to control various aspects of the video settings, including an option to rotate the screen.

If you’re using a tablet or 2-in-1 device, and rotating the device doesn’t rotate the screen, you may need to change the system settings. In the case that the option is grayed out, then it’s likely that you have a keyboard attached to the device. Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral.

Right-click on the desktop background and then select Screen resolution from the pop-up menu. Select a Display and then click on the drop down box for Orientation to view the different orientations.

Choices include landscape , portrait , landscape flipped , and portrait flipped. For help with Windows updates, see: How to update a Microsoft Windows computer.

Each time this shortcut is pressed, the screen makes one clockwise rotation of degrees. Shortcut key combination. Windows 7, 8, and Windows XP and Vista.


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