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Answer: The author is aware of the richness of mmobile Indian languages. Ben Forta. He was dissatisfied. We live in a time and age where information is just адрес страницы button press away. There is no apparent cause or user attribution so it’s impossible to fix and I end up recorx zoom which is far more reliable. You are a disgrace to the Tamil race and a sower of hatred. How to send mass emails without showing addresses Saleshandy Editorial.

How to record zoom meeting in mobile in tamil – none:

Main article: Adobe Animate. And that is why as representatives of the Ih how to record zoom meeting in mobile in tamil – none: of this по ссылке, as those who represent the North and the East provinces of this country, we have appealed to the world, нажмите чтобы перейти the community of Civilized Nations to help us resolve this issue although solutions must be found within Sri Lanka, we recognize that, the community of the civilized nations has a very definite and a legitimate role to play in this exercise. Some of these masks also include a layer of Activated carbon to filter the air. I conclude that it is irrational and illogical to say anything negative about mobile phones. There is nothing more blessed than to be healthy all through life without being dependent on anyone.


How to record zoom meeting in mobile in tamil – none: –


If they fail it now, Sri lankans lose their country. There was no internal problem. Eagle Eye : why the hell did the successive sinhala Govt went on massacring Tamil men, women, children, Hindu priests and even fetus of Tamil pregnant women since till today. Even today the sinhala army comes in motore cycle with guns trotting many of them and stand guns pointing in front of 3 old men sitting and remembering their loved ones.

Even today Sinhala army assault a Tamil Journalist taking photo of remembrance event at Mulliavalaikaal. It cant only be an internal matter today. Some them in europe are highly qualified professionals. Some electroal constituencies are totally dependent on tamil voters as the case in Canada and some european countries. Sumanthiran is reborn as a Tamil nationalist from time to time. He talks about core Tamil national demands like self-determination that they would otherwise deem extremist.

What is extremist about self determination? It is not the same as secession. It is the right of any nationality to determine its mode of existence. Accepting that right itself will weaken the desire to secede, as it was seen in the Soviet Union. The sad thing is that the Tamil nationalists refuse to recognize the Muslims and hill Country Tamils as distinct nationalities.

The recent torture and murder of a Sinhalese factory manager in Pakistan has caused uproar in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It should make us Sinhalese think again about how we have treated our Tamil brothers over the years. I ask every Sinhalese to imagine that he was a Tamil. How would he feel then? Would he want to live in a godforsaken place like Sri Lanka? Paul I agree with all but the last sentence. Is not the USA another godforsaken place?

Ask the average Black or Latino. Though I read through out of courtesy the context and content was entirely predictable. No international agreement which proposes altering the fundamental structure of a state is valid without consent of the people. Alternatively as surrender terms after a war.

Usually the threat is military or starving the population under trade embargoes. In any case these politicians are transient entities in a democracy. Hence the need for a referendum before the people which is not the case with 13A. Their continued support for terror war is the proof that not only Sinhala side Tamil side also completely disregarded the spirit of a negotiated settlement.

The terror that continued for 30 years killed 26, soldiers , innumerable innocent civilians and completely destroyed the economy and infrastructure. On the part of Sinhala political side 13A was agreed on the understanding that the Tamils would cease the war.

Hence 13A is a dead letter in spirit. However the ghost poses a existential threat with Tamils taking a pro US stance for a country which struggles to maintain a non aligned position. Now the question of recent delegation to US and other Western capitals.

Whom did they represent? Did the delegation include any representation from Islamic Tamils and those arrived during the British? If not why? Can any reader comment on this, please. TNA must stop fooling the International community. In other words a political solution is sought for whom. Some Tamils practise Hinduism as their religion, some practice Islam and others Christianity.

America did not say for what purpose this consultation was being done. As per Sampanthan Aiyya, whoever went there were Tamil legal experts, not representatives or delegates of Tamils.

Including Sumanthiran PC, a MP in parliament, in the group that went to the US, does not alter the nature of the group from legal experts to representative delegates. TNA never officially convened and assigned any authority or duty to the group that travelled. That was our usage of the word TNA, always, unless we had to pick others separately. So those who went to the USA, though they had the subject knowledge, lacked the capacity to represent the Tamils as one unit.

My best hope on this trip to America is that it is trying to understand the problem deeply, and to formulate a strategy to solve it. This contradicted many past activities. Sumanthiran did not talk about if he had the mandate from TNA to talk on that specific subject. Sumanthiran did not mention what was the solution India has now and if it has ways to implement it, because the Indo-Lankawe accord has not prescribed any mechanism for India to request Lankawe for any such action the defect, forced the 13A, an India acknowledged solution, go dysfunction.

It was Sumanthiran who took GTF, who are his sycophantic crowd. GTF is both financially and politically bankrupt, with only a few hangers on, and has no business to represent Tamil diaspora. Sumanthiran has started his propaganda that USan. What amazes me is that you also seem to know about what US specifically asked! Is Sumanthiran that smart to hoodwink US?

Is US in cohorts with Sumanthiran hoodwinking Tamils? Nathan you are unable to understand English. US is using Sumanthiran to make Tamils to rise up against China.

US must have got some information that some Tamils are lobbying China to develop Tamil areas. Sumanthiran started a propaganda that he is going to US to discuss about federalism and that US and India are formulating a federal constitution.

Is this not a blatant lie. Nathan there is nothing called free lunch. Tamils in US belonging to Democratic party say that those officials whom Sumanthiran met were low ranking and have no influence in formulating the solution for Tamils.

It is common knowledge that CIA agents are implanted in all walks of life, and most likely they are CIA agents who want to draft Sumanthiran into their plan.

Sumanthiran is a lap dog of Rajapakse regime who want to break up Tamil diaspora, and his Canadian project has miserably failed. In UK he only had meetings with his sycophants in private, fearing the same outcome as in Canada.

Gnana Sankaralingam, The little respect I had for you is long gone. From now on, you are on your own. Mallaiyuran Thank you very much for this input. America trying to understand the issue now.?

Let us not fool ourselves, brother. America is extending a feeler into the China Sri Lanka relations. And formulate a strategy to solve it or formulate a strategy to make best use of it for their advantage?

Tamils should come out this mental straight jacket that Sinhala Buddhist society is superior to a Tamil only enclave. He did not go into detail if his Secret Solution was concurrent with the Indian solution he mentioned and what is his position now on having a Secret Solution delivered from parliament.

His talks suggested that as he was aware that other than India nobody else had a solution for Tamils, he explicitly showed dislike of anybody taking lead on that but to follow the path of India. The issue persists despite the various tactics we have adopted from time to time. Let us put all these in perspective. Secrecy, by itself, is no evil. In fact, quite often, secrecy is useful.

Will we suffer more, if we offer Sumanthiran the support he needs. Only for Vellala Malabar Tamils in Yapanaya. Sri Lanka must be split into 3 mono ethnic nations Sinhala Only Elam, Tamil Elam and Muslim Elam equitably and people must be relocated based on ethnicity.

Gatam, when Rajiv Gandhi was killed, Eelam project was buried. Now when Priyantha Kumara is killed by Islamic fanatics, Muslim claim to any land is buried for good.

Do you seriously think that Sinhalese are mad to have one of them suffering the same fate in Katankudy. Tamil leaders cannot get any foreign country to speak or act on behalf of Tamils. There was much hoo-ha in the Tamil media for a while and then all was forgotten.

Tamil leaders have allowed themselves to be used time and by foreign powers, but achieved nothing more than fooling the public and fetching votes. Anyone seriously expecting any foreign country to side with the Tamils against the Sinhalese is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Tamils are used as means to exert pressure on governments that seem to be defiant. Right now there are other sticks available with the foreign powers concerned. This is time for Tamils to join hands with other oppressed people of the country.

Do you have plan how this long standing problem can be resolved? If you have please tell us. Thank you. A Seriously, are you waiting for someone with a plan? If you are waiting for mine, thank you for the compliment. On confirmation I will start working on it tonight. Anpu US is planning to resurrect Einstein from his grave to find a solution. Please be patient. They are being subjected to unceasing discrimination and harrassment by the Sinhalese from independence.

A If you have in mind any specific issue I may elaborate on it. I am economical with my money and words. When I mentioned a few times before, quite a few got offended. But I will repeat as many times, because it is a fact. Except Prabha because he was not a politician that I believe was his weakness 3 any country who they think was good enough, in genuinely try helping the Tamil cause?? If majority could agree with just one answer,consider there is still hope.

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