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They stole your personal informaiton, post on their website for profit and refuse to delete it! I have contacted them many times and request they delete my personal cell phone and email info. But got no response at all! Zoominfo go to hell! Recently talked to one of their sales reps closer. I felt like I was dealing with a car salesman or timeshare closer 25 years ago.

He bad mouthed their competition and tried to get me to commit to 15 k on the spot. Historically companies with this old style sales approach are trying to cover up flawed products or services. The salesman was probably a proud graduate of Trump University. Have not heard from Zoominfo in over a year and now they are threatening me with collections and auto renewing my account. Awful business practice. Buyer beware.

I just heard from my attorney on the final offer from Zoom info. This is Monday so I have to use my payroll and rent to pay them off. I will be very happy if I can keep anyone from going through this with this company. Do your research and use someone else. Since my last review I have hired an attorney to try and settle my account with Zoominfo. They will not just cancel the contract so they sent a collection agency after me.

They do not discuss that you cannot cancel the program if you are not satisfied and they do not tell you about needing 60 days’ notice if you are not going to renew. If you miss the 60 day window, they auto-renew you and you cannot get out of it. Through my attorney, we made a reasonable offer to settle since I’ve already paid a quarter of the contract and I haven’t used my credits 7 months, but they rejected it.

They don’t care about being in a pandemic and I would have to borrow money to pay this off. Look at their competitors that are less expensive and may offer a month-to-month service rather than being locked in for a full year with no way out. They are very deceptive. My new salesperson wanted this service. It was expensive but I figured the money it would generate would pay for it. I used it for one quarter but it was not generating enough business and during the pandemic, I just could not afford it.

I stopped using it and told customer service I needed to cancel it. I had to pay or be turned over to collection, so in 2 days I will start getting collection calls and my credit will most likely be ruined.

Do not use them. They used our company info and make up information. The owners name listed is a lies. Employees and revenue all lies. Total fraud – no respect for privacyThey posted wrong information about me without my permission. I submitted request to remove my information multiple time. They posted wrong information about me without my permission. I submitted request to remove my information multiple time- Terrible hijacking of information.

ZoomInfo delivers the most accurate B2B contact data and B2B contact lists to fuel your business initiatives. Jobs Recruiting Share Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional – e.

Write a Review Ask a Question. Ratings On Other Platforms Trustpilot. Corporate Values. Overview ZoomInfo has a consumer rating of 1 star from 61 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Top Critical Review. Rating 5 stars 0. Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Contains image or video. English only. Lynn P. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. Paulina S. Verified purchase. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 2. Elizabeth B. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 3. Briana C. Melissa W. Edward D. Marietta M. Run for your life!

Tip for consumers: scam and liars Products used: they did not have all that they promised to have. Nina C. Dan B. Philip R. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 1. Charles C. Comment Thank you Share Helpful Tim W.

Michael S. Zoominfo has scraped and copied the content of my website and published it in an apparently randomly generated company profile. This profile contains fictitious employee details and shows a completely incorrect company address and phone number, as well as stolen site text and registered trade marks in contravention of clearly stated copyright notices. Repeated requests to have these removed from zoominfo have been ignored. It seems zoominfo have no respect for copyright or individuals’ personal information and are uninterested in differentiating personal details of both adults and minors, presumably from that of companies.

Frankly, I’m amazed that zoominfo has been given a scorecard with a green background – one look at other contributers’ comments will tell you there’s something going on here that is not right.

WOT needs to investigate this. These internet stalkers harvest information about people and feed that back in search engine searches. Not trustworthy. This site scrapes your info off other websites and compiles unauthorized profiles of you.

How WOT can say this site is trustworthy is beyond me. We get spam from them every few days with stupid stuff like “Are you having trouble logging in? When you ask to be removed you just get stupid unrelated emails and more of them.

They also want to collect your contacts so they can spam them also. WOT needs to have their heads examined if they consider zoominfo. I am so fed up with spammers that I’ve contacted our attorneys as it is illegal in California. When their bot visits your site, it makes it look like its a new search engine, but their site is all about SEO, or “Extreme Targeting and Lead Generation”.

Nothing about searching. The URL in their bot tells you nothing about what they are scraping your site for, and they ignore your robots file. The Trust Mamma website tries to identify scams, fake online stores and other online versions of fraud using a computer algorithms. While fast and efficient it is not perfect.

Top Stores – Read reviews for some of our best stores. All Stores Categories Login Register. How to determine if zoominfo com has a legitimate website? Below is a list of the best 5 methods to find out if zoominfo com has a legit site.

Check the domain name It is important to check if you are looking at the correct website and are using the right domain name. Scan the contact page Look for the contact page and other contact options across the site to find out the best way to contact the company. Double check the ‘Privacy Policy’ Most legitimate websites will have a privacy policy section where users can see how their data is stored, protected, and used.



Is zoominfo.com safe – is zoominfo.com safe:


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Access Access vaccination status and records through the CrisisGo app. Enhance Enhance the accuracy of contact tracing with vaccination records. This information is then available to its customers, who use it primarily for sales, marketing, and executive recruitment. Customer use cases include prospecting lists for B2B email and telemarketing campaigns, data hygiene i. Here is an example of how they provide additional information about you to LinkedIn users via their ReachOut Chrome plug-in :.

Users can immediately view company firmographics or contact details and then send them to a CRM or Sales Engagement Platform. Zoominfo is about to formally launch their Engage SEP, which will allow users to set up flows cadences of calls, emails, and social engagement steps.

ZoomInfo does not collect any consumer or credit information. Thus, they have no lifestyle data, political affiliations, donations, income estimates, age, family details, credit histories, personal emails, or housing data.

We are saddened to hear about your negative experience with our ZoomInfo App. We are continuously working on improving our app everyday. Our Product team would love to discuss the pain points that you mentioned in your review. If you are up for it, please email me at colbie. Thank you! Can not register with personal email. With business email, I didn’t receive any email from Zoominfo to do activation.

I think this app is not ready to work yet. Same Day Prints: 1 Hour Photos. Great Prints Now.


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