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– FAQ: How to check which account I have logged in on the Zoom client? | OCIO


Join our upcoming webinar to get a first-hand look into some of our exciting new product and feature releases. I have a personal paid account. When I went to create a meeting via google calendar and include zoom info, it said I had to log-in. I logged in with my email and password – but it said the password was incorrect, so I sent a password reset email to myself.

That one said I had to log in via my google account on the log in page, so I did that. But then when I went back and tried to add the zoom meeting to the calendar event it said that I had a free account with a 40 minute meeting length – so I look at it on the zoom website and it’s got me listed as a free user.

I logged out, and tried logging in again with my email and password, but it now says I have to log in via gmail – and thus I’m stuck in a loop where I can’t actually log in to the account that is paid I double checked that the email I’ve been getting my billing info is the same address as the one I logged in with both previously and now via gmail.

How do I get these accounts merged, or how do I delete the free account without losing the account that I’ve been paying for for months? This issue might need some special attention. As you have at least one Paid, I would suggest you raise a support ticket for this particular issue.

Thank you!! I just did that – I was having a lot of trouble finding any way to contact support directly when I posted here. Zoom Community.

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Browse Backgrounds. Register Now. The issue arises because you have a York University email that is registered as a standard Zoom account. In the future, when logging in to your York University Zoom account, you will need to ensure that the proper steps are being taken during the login phase. Please refer to the following information related to proper logon practices in our Signing in to Zoom section.

Do not use your York University email address when creating an account through Zoom. Your York University account already exists through our licensing arrangement and you only need to login correctly to gain access to it.

If you have, or if you are in the process of signing up for a Zoom account, and you use any of your York University emails if you have multiple to do so, then you will be confronted with this issue in the future.

It is important to ensure that if you want a separate Zoom account for non-York University activities, please use another email such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. Always ensure that you have logged out of your non-York University Zoom accounts when you go to use your York University Zoom license. Zoom has a helpful page on Signing out and switching between accounts. Please ensure you do this if you are on a public or shared computer. If you are still experiencing login issues.


Can i change the email address on my zoom account. How do I change the Email in my Zoom account?

Click on the confirmation message in the email to change your email address. · Click ” Confirm changes” in this email and change the email. Sign in to your account with your existing email and navigate to the Profile section. Select Edit beside the Sign-In Email to change your mail. account profile. These will be set only if you accept. You can always review and change your cookie preferences through our cookie settings page. For more information, please.

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