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Why is computer audio not working on zoom – why is computer audio not working on zoom:

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May 27,  · 1. Check that you are using the latest version of the Zoom client. 2. Check whether you’re on a 32bit or 64bit processor If you are using 64bit- windows on your device, uninstall the zoom client and download the Zoom App for bit. 3. To uninstall, run the attached file and restart your computer. 4. Apr 30,  · Fix 8: Update the Audio Driver. The issue “Zoom audio not working Windows 10” might be also related to the audio driver. Therefore, try updating the audio driver. Step 1: Launch Device Manager. Step 2: On the Device . Dec 27,  · Sometimes Zoom audio may fail to work because of pending updates on your computer. To resolve this problem, update your computer’s operating system and then check if the Zoom audio works again. If you’re using a Windows PC, select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Updates.


Playing music on a Zoom live stream/video call | Bookwhen Help Centre – Fix 1: Restart Your Computer


In fact, your audio quality will be improved if the microphone doesn’t pick up the music at all. If it’s possible for you to connect headphones to your computer ideally without wires via Bluetooth, though wired headphones would work too if it’s safe for you to use them then you can listen to your music using these and ensure that your microphone only has to pick up the sound of your voice. Use an external microphone An external microphone is preferable if you have access to one.

It should be positioned as close to you, the source of the sound, as possible. Control the volume of the microphone It should also be possible for you to turn up your microphone via your device settings – meaning that your voice is given higher volume in the sound mix. The method to do this depends on the device that you are using but a quick Google of ‘how to increase the volume of mic on your device ‘ should help you find the guidance you need.

Improve your environment Ensure that the space you are recording in has as little ambient noise as possible and that there is no echo. Empty rooms with hard surfaces reverberate the most, aim for a room that isn’t completely empty and which contains soft surfaces like carpets and rugs. Make sure your attendees are muted This is particularly important if you aren’t using headphones – any sounds your attendees make can be picked up by your microphone and played back to all. Another way for your attendees to enjoy music during your event is by sharing your own playlist prior to the event, then getting everyone to push play at the same time when you begin.

Most music streaming services offer a share functionality with various different ways to deliver your playlist -. So all you need to do is pick the best tracks and point your attendees in the right direction.

Bookwhen’s ‘Booking confirmation message’ field is an ideal place to include a link so that it will be shared with bookers once they have booked a ticket. Attendees can control the volume of music vs. It requires each attendee to have access to the service you are issuing the playlist on. Most streaming services have ad-sponsored free versions attendees can join but these ads can throw some attendees out of sync with others.

It might be necessary to create the same playlist on multiple platforms to increase the chances that all attendees are able to access it. All Collections. Online events. Is your Computer Audio coming out of speakers when your Microphone is also active – can you try Muting yourself in Zoom – does that make a difference?

Do you have another device where you can do a simple meeting with yourself, to see if that reproduces the problem? It’s a new PC so hasn’t been complicated by me adding anything extra to it – yet. It has the supplied – Speaker Realtek R Audio. When I try and share a video the video is seen by the participants but with no sound – but I have sound my end.

I have also tried sharing just an audio file, sounds from web pages, and other apps without success. I am hearing the Computer Audio at my end but the participants are not. I have tried muting myself in Zoom and, as another test, muting the speaker on the PC. Neither of those made a difference. If I put the sound up loud enough it seems to be being picked up to an extent by the built in microphone. I am at the stage of testing the install of Zoom on the new PC so for now it has been one or two participants in different locations.

I have an old PC that the new one is replacing. I have run the same test on both machines where they have either been the Host or the participant.

The sound is heard only when I run the test from the old PC. Test with each option. If no change go back to Auto. Next will be to ensure you are using the bit version of Zoom.

Often the bit can get installed by default. I uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled using your link. Unfortunately it didn’t make any difference. When I now Share on Zoom and switch to Line 1 the participants receive the audio ok, which is great, but I don’t receive the audio through my speakers.

Do you think that can narrows down where the problem might be? If there is anything else you can think of that I could try I would be very grateful. Using Zoom has been so easy to install and use up to now but with a new PC Hi GMM, Have you resolved the problem? I have the same thing happening on my computer right now. The funny thing is that the last week I was able to share same PC, no hardware changing , but the last 3 days not. And it seems to be nothing that I can do to avoid this. So annoying.

Hi masdeca and KathlynChamen,. It has been sorted to an extent. I created a new Windows account on the PC and installed Zoom and other software. This did not work to begin with but now seems to be OK. The old Windows account works fine for everything else but still does not work transmitting the sound with a video over Zoom.

All settings seem to be the same on both Windows accounts!? Zoom Community. Supporting a Hybrid-friendly Work Environment Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces. Download Zoom Client Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features. Download Center. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Download hi-res images and animations to elevate your next Zoom meeting.

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Oct 26,  · AM. I just updated to the latest version of Zoom ( () and now my audio is not working. Also, if I try to access the audio properties dialog, Zoom hangs and I have to use Task Manager to kill it. AM. I am on a new MacBook Air; loaded Zoom several weeks ago. Feb 03,  · Make sure nothing is muted. If you accidentally muted the audio on your computer, that could explain why Zoom audio is not working in your browser. Right-click on the speaker icon in your taskbar and select Sound Settings. Make sure you’re using the right output and input devices. Slide the master volume slider all the way to the right. May 27,  · 1. Check that you are using the latest version of the Zoom client. 2. Check whether you’re on a 32bit or 64bit processor If you are using 64bit- windows on your device, uninstall the zoom client and download the Zoom App for bit. 3. To uninstall, run the attached file and restart your computer. 4.

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