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Is zoominfo related to zoom video

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Who are ZoomInfo’s competitors? One of the few full-featured direct competitors to ZoomInfo is Visual Visitor. In contrast to ZoomInfo, Visual Visitor offers. Related markets: ZoomInfo in Sales Engagement Applications (25 Reviews), ZoomInfo in there is an option to do video calls or meetings in this as well.

Is zoominfo related to zoom video


Despite the similar names, they are definitely different. Keep reading this is zoominfo related to zoom video to learn more about this fast-rising company. Zoominfo is a business contact database of sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

The platform equips sales professionals, marketers, and recruiters. The users are able to optimize their lead generation programs and much more. The tools help with territory planning, prospecting, outreach, and lead scoring. The user can learn about their ideal customer and target similar potential customers.

The controls allow salespersons to establish campaigns and personal follow-up. Is zoominfo related to zoom video platform can capture information in real-time when potential B2B clients visit your company website. Recruiters can also enjoy using the platform. Recruiters can access hyper-specific query filters to find the perfect candidate.

The user can customize the platform to enhance their control and use of the data. Zoominfo Technologies includes Ai at the core of its platform design. This speeds productivity and generates a high ROI. You can pull up his data points and learn key information before clicking a button to contact him.

Schuck founded DiscoverOrg in When acquiring his competitor Zoominfo in Februaryhe rebranded the merged company as Zoominfo. A free day trial is standard for those considering the Professional package.

Zoominfo relatev offers an Advanced and Elite package. The type of package zoiminfo choice of customization determines felated pricing. The Professional package provides company profiles, contact information, and tailored lists. The Advanced package offers corporate hierarchy info, org charts, and personal contact information.

The Elite package offers purchasing intent data, company attributes, and dynamic workflows. The Chrome extension allows users to make calls and send emails with one click from Zoominfo.

The platform has zopm auto-dialer, real-time activity feed, and multi-touch email campaign generator. This extension increases sales activities, reports, is zoominfo related to zoom video follow-up. Zoominfo has produced several case studies proving high ROI. The studies have is zoominfo related to zoom video increases in set appointments, leads, productivity, revenue, and profits. There are about 31 million small businesses in America.

Read More. Did you know that about 1. Have you been waiting patiently for the housing market to pick up? Zoominfk now is the time to make your move. Research suggests that sending a care package can improve distant relationships. Subscribe Subscribe Your relatsd is tto with us.

Privacy Policy. Is ZoomInfo the same thing as Zoom? Источник is Zoominfo? Sales The tools help with territory planning, prospecting, outreach, and lead scoring. Marketing This platform can capture information in real-time when potential B2B clients visit your company website.

Recruiters Recruiters can also enjoy using is zoominfo related to zoom video platform. Ai at the Core Zoominfo Technologies includes Ai at the core of its platform design. Zoominfo Pricing A free day trial is основываясь на этих данных for those vldeo the Professional package. Zoominfo Chrome Extension The Chrome extension allows users to make calls and /26112.txt emails with one click from Zoominfo.

Zoominfo Technologies Zoominfo is a viable company for savvy investors and assertive salespersons. If you enjoyed this article, consider relwted similar posts about other technology zoomingo. More Business Articles. Read More Did you know that about 1. Read More Have you been waiting patiently for zzoominfo housing market to pick up? Read More Research suggests that sending a care package can improve distant relationships.


#1 ZoomInfo Alternative, Cost Effective Zoom Info Competitor

How long is the ZoomInfo free trial? Start-up Swordfish AI was founded by Argeband in Markets Insider. What is the cost of ZoomInfo?


Is zoominfo related to zoom video.ZoomInfo IPO and Its Connection with Zoom Video


So, when I saw that kind of revenue growth, that tells me that there are some real switching costs and advantages here. Lewis: One question I have about this, and I’m sure some of our listeners do, kind of, thinking about the model that this company has, and being an information source is, would it be possible that this makes more sense as like a single-use for some businesses and that the subscription value isn’t quite there?

You know, if you’re looking for a definitive contact list for a specific industry and you get that information, it’s possible that that information isn’t stale for six months or nine months, do you feel like that’s a risk at all for them? Feroldi: Potentially. However, if every business that is a user of theirs, they want to grow, which means attacking customers that they don’t yet have.

And how important is it to have real-time data on exactly that? And, Dylan, what’s happened to the job market over the last year?

It’s been kind of crazy. People have left businesses; people have started new businesses. So, having real up-to-date information is something that I think many businesses will be definitely willing to pay for. So, I do think given the turnover of some businesses and promotions that happen, that kind of information is always changing.

Lewis: You mentioned the Salesforce integration before. And I think that those types of partnerships or collaborations are really helpful for a business like this, because while it’s useful in a silo, it is far more useful when it is able to be applied to other programs, other applications, other business operations. I mean, the two big ones there are Salesforce. I do wish that they’d spend more on making their data even more accessible on other platforms, like, just throwing about like, I would love if they integrated with, say, HubSpot , for example.

And there’s a whole bunch of other CRM systems like that. That, to me, if they continue to invest there and build that out, that will only widen their moat further. Lewis: It’s funny you say that, Brian. HubSpot was on the tip of my tongue for, you know, who they might target next. I think that one could make a ton of sense. And you know, we like to see stocks partnering up with other stocks, particularly ones that we already like. That’s kind of a nice endorsement. Feroldi: Yeah, exactly.

But the fact that they do have integrations; I think they do have a very weak network effect at play here, like, very, very weak. They think it’s a big advantage. I personally think they’re overstating that given their sales, but there are some. But to me, the big question that I want to know is, does this company have a durable competitive advantage, and is it trending in the right direction?

I think the answer to both those questions is “yes. Lewis: One of the other things that companies can tend to overstate, particularly in the tech space, is potential and TAM, Brian. And the way that they came up with that is they say that there are basically three-quarters of a million global businesses around the world that meet their criteria. I think it was something along the lines of employees or more — that’s kind of their target.

And they currently have about 16, of them as customers. That’s coming from management, so this is definitely a case, Dylan, to me, where you kind of take that with an enormous grain of sugar and you drop that down and say, their total TAM is probably an order of magnitude lower than that.

But given where they are today, there’s clearly room for this company to grow. There’s clearly demand for this product within the U. So, just in the international market alone, there’s room for expansion. And I mean, if you’re thinking about the value prop, you know, it’s not like business knows borders.

We are in a globalized economy and the contacts for folks abroad and in the United States, it’s equally compelling on both sides.

It’s really just a matter of them, kind of, establishing that base. I know that the company has provided some long-term looks at what they’re expecting as a business and also strategically where they’re going. What does that look like, Brian? Feroldi: Well, that might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a registration statement. I’ve never seen a company lay out its long-term targets. And they’re actually lower margin [laughs] than what exists today.

So, this would be a case of operating leverage working against the company. But still, the targets that they’re throwing out there are unbelievably impressive. You know, we typically see gross margin expansion when a company is starting to scale and really just enjoying the benefits of spreading those fixed costs over more and more usage.

And you know, you see it climb from the 60s to the 70s and the high 80s; it’s really hard to pull in much more than that. And again, I’m also not going to not ding them for their free cash flow targets. Longer term, they think that’ll normalize in the mids, which again is completely stellar. One thing I did like that they called out in their registration statement, is they see the potential to expand into new markets, one that they called out was a near-term opportunity was recruiting.

They’re basically saying, we have this data set, we know what an org chart looks like, we know the talent of people. It is possible that they could use their platform to get into the recruiting business. That’s the kind of optionality that I’d like to see management teams thinking about in the long term. Lewis: Yeah, I think that that’s one of the huge benefits that we see with the SaaS model in general, is the ability to work into other markets.

And really, if you have a good sales team, they are taking what they’re hearing from their customers and what they are really hoping to be able to do with your platform and with your information, bringing that back to the folks that work in product and creating the space for that market expansion. Feroldi: Yes, exactly. The bottom line for me is, does this company have room to grow and a lot of potential ahead? Clear answer, again, “yes. Lewis: One of the things we always like to look at, Brian, especially in the software space, but really with almost any business, particularly younger ones is, you know, what does the customer base look like, is this a business that has customer consolidation, is that a risk for this company?

What’s the story there? Feroldi: The answer there is, thankfully, “no. And again, they have some really big names in there. Another metric that they actually point out is that they have 82, “fanatic users,” which are users that basically use their product over times per year to look at records, to explore, to do searches.

And they call out that the people that are really heavy users of our products are going to allow us to drive viral demand down the road as they move around and evangelize the product. That’s colorful and fun, totally makes sense for the business. I want to talk a little bit about management, though, Brian, because if we’re running through a checklist, this is an important part of the vision for a company, the mission for a company, and really, the culture of the business.

ZoomInfo is just kind of on the fringes of that. What’s the story with their CEO? Feroldi: So, this company, again, was co-founded in Love to see that he’s been there since day one, and he was the driving force behind the business. He knows just how painful it is to get the company to where it is today. Love to see that. His other co-founder, Kirk Brown, appears to have left the company. I could not find him anywhere related to the company.

However, these two co-founders are still heavily invested in this company’s success. That’s a lot. Lewis: [laughs] That is a lot.

And I mean, that’s the kind of skin in the game that we generally like to see, you know. That’s a substantial stake, both personally for him and relative to the overall business and its ownership.

Feroldi: Yes, completely. And overall, we always check Glassdoor. The company does seem to get relatively good reviews from employees; four stars out of five. And three out of four employees would recommend the company to a friend. Lewis: It is. Yeah, you don’t typically see that.

Thinking about risks for this business, Brian. Usually, when I’m talking about a software-as-a-service company, and it’s a space that I’m admittedly less familiar with, I can at least come up with a couple of companies that I think play in the space. This one seems unique in that there are other companies that are kind of there, but at core, they aren’t really focused on the information.

And it seems like, as the name would suggest, ZoomInfo is focused on the specific information rather than immediately making use of that information. I think that that’s completely correct. So, while there are a lot of companies that are in the CRM space, there aren’t as many that are doing what ZoomInfo is doing.

However, if you had to pinpoint one competitor that stands out above the rest, that would be Microsoft , and more specifically, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network that has tens of millions of users that go in there for professional reasons and upload their information.

It wouldn’t be that hard, and I know that LinkedIn was actually doing this when they were a public company, to build org charts for people. So, that kind of information is out there and can be subscribed to. They also call out that Salesforce. But as we’ve seen from this company’s growth rate and CBNR, it does tell me that those competitors have always existed, but ZoomInfo is still succeeding.

Lewis: Yeah, I think that if we’re getting really into the idea of network effects, LinkedIn probably enjoys some very real network effects, whereas ZoomInfo enjoys some pretty diluted network effects or pretty light network effects, because people really need to be on LinkedIn. You could argue the merits of whether it’s important to have your information correct on ZoomInfo.

It’s certainly helpful for the salespeople. If you don’t want to be contacted by salespeople, then perhaps [laughs] you wouldn’t necessarily want your information there. And who knows, Microsoft clearly sees value in this kind of market. It’s possible that they could be a nice tuck-in acquisition down the road.

Lewis: [laughs] Beyond competition, Brian, any other major risks that you’re paying attention to at this business. If you take a look at the company’s operating structure, their holding structure, it’s actually pretty complicated. They have had a lot of buyers and sellers over the years. And even prior to coming public, actually just today, they called out that they have sponsors which are three enormous private-equity companies: TA Associates, Carlyle Group , and 22C Capital.

So, you have to know that as an outside shareholder. If you’re joining this company, you have absolutely no say as to what goes on, you need to know that. Lewis: It’s important to understand that dynamic.

And ZoomInfo is not unique there. There are a lot of companies where even if you have voting shares, you don’t have much of a say, because the founders hold the majority of the voting shares and they can really do as they want.

And so, when we see those types of examples, you really got to be on board with the people who have voting power, because they’re the ones steering the ship. Feroldi: Yeah, that’s exactly right. Now the good thing is, those three sponsors, as they’re called, have been investors for a long time, and clearly, they have an economic incentive to see this company’s stock price go higher.

That could make the potential stock less volatile, knowing that they have these big permanent holders behind them, but that’s a risk to keep in mind. And finally, no surprise here, Dylan, the company’s valuation — pretty high. So, you’re really paying a premium. That’s not insane. Feroldi: [laughs] Yes, you do need a lot of qualifiers, and you have to be willing to use non-GAAP numbers.

But because the margins here are so incredible, the price-to-sales ratio, you have to be more willing to give leeway through it. So, if they’re going to be growing their top line this fast consistently and they can throw up some adjusted earnings, I don’t think the valuation today is all that crazy.

Lewis: No, that margin is absolutely incredible. And I think investors always need to keep in mind that when you see a price-to-sales multiple — and frankly, like, 33 times sales, we’ve seen some big, big, big numbers out there, 33 times sales is not insane for a software company, particularly one that’s high margin.

But you are going to pay a premium for high-margin businesses. It’s just the way things are. Nothing too crazy here for me. I mean, this is kind of par for the course with what we’ve seen with software-as-a-service and tech over the last couple of years.

So, Dylan, we’ve done this top to bottom. I got to know, scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in ZoomInfo? Lewis: You know, I’d say I’m fairly interested. I think this goes into watch list territory for me. I would give it, let me see, if 8 and above is, I’m buying or I will probably buy, I’m going to put this at 6.

I think that that looks good. Like the growth numbers that are being thrown out there, really like the margin profile for this business. I want to get a better sense of the space. I love investing in areas where there isn’t really anybody else that does what they do, and I want to get a better wraparound — is there someone really in here that can do what they’re trying to do, that can eat away at their market. Because if not, I mean, they really own the market, and that’s a pretty compelling thesis.

Feroldi: Yeah, I would say similar for me, although, I would probably give it a 7. I mean, after I’ve gone through this business, I think there’s a lot to like here. And since the valuation today isn’t so crazy, I might become a small shareholder in the not too distant future. Feroldi: Sadly, Dylan, no. I remember doing the S-1 with you, and we’re like, “Wow! I like everything [laughs] except the valuation. Feroldi: So, no, I’m not a shareholder of Zoom Video.

So, maybe I’ll correct that by becoming a shareholder of ZoomInfo. Lewis: [laughs] Oh, Brian, always happy to have you on the show. This was a fun one. Lewis: You too. Listeners, that’s going to do it for this episode of Industry Focus. If you have any questions or you want to reach out and say, “Hey! Specifically, if you have used ZoomInfo and you find it valuable, I’d love to hear about it, if you use any of the competitors to Zoom, we’d also love to hear about it, IndustryFocus Fool.

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